Vision, Mission and Creed

Daylight/Twilight believes that all students are instilled with high character, whether innate or acquired; Furthermore, we believe that all students can focus on learning and demonstrate care for their community when immersed in an environment which values fortitude and respect.

In partnership with all stakeholders, our mission is to provide personalized evidence-based instructional services for learners who are seeking a reprieve from the traditional educational setting. In doing so, we will utilize innovative methods to support the personal growth of our students as we guide them in preparation for a career of choice or enrollment in higher education.
  • We do whatever it takes. 
  • We are positive and optimistic. 
  • We believe good work comes from hard work and hard work pays off. 
  • We don't sweat the small stuff.
  • We are both caring and strict.
  • We want to build a culture of open, honest, and productive dialogue with each other.  
  • This will not be a school where teachers close their doors and teach in isolation.  
  • We will respect all members of the staff, in both teaching and non-teaching roles.
  • We recognize and value the contribution that each person makes in supporting our individual and collective success.